Prelude | Before The Nine,There Was Order

Every tragedy has a beginning…. And ours start’s three thousand years prior to our current day. The Tenth Order was a body consisting of Ten Realms all serving one main Order within their solar system. Each Realm had a primary function within the Order and they all worked together for the good of the Order. The good of the Order however… was not always noble or just. The Order hadn’t obtained such power within their own system through purely political means… no, the Order had one of the most advanced military’s in known existence. Having ten separate inhabitable planets played a large role in the Order’s strength. Some planets were uninhabitable by certain species, but throughout time new settlers found their way to those planets. They would then terraform them to their needs unless they were compatible enough to inhabit those planets on arrival.

The Order travelled all of known space within reach, conquering system after system plundering their resources and leaving their planets in ruins. Using waves of foot soldiers so brutal with advanced suits and weaponry, there was hardly a planet who could stand up to the orbital bombardment and foot soldiers. When the Order came across such planets, their special forces the Nekros would be tasked with sneaking behind enemy lines and taking down the chain of command. If by some miraculous chance the Nekros failed their jobs, the Order would lean on their most advanced weaponry within their arsenal, the Chronos.

The Chronos were advanced mobile mechanical suits with the ability to be customized for any situation called for on the battle field. With near impossibly penetrable shields the Chronos once called in always made quick work of any remaining enemy forces still holding out. The pilots within the Chronos themselves were merely that, pilots who mechanically directed them in battle. In this period the Chronos were rather basic with three main chassis types and minimal upgrades aside from weaponry load outs. They were very expensive and took almost a decade at a time to build with energy supplies that weren’t able to be replenished in those days.

Their crusades spanned thousands of years and all the while dissidents grew within the Order.  Planets tired of being pawns at the beck and call of the Emperor and his underlings and as the Realms grew tiresome of the constant war and suffering on their own planets…. A plot was hatched to overthrow the Emperor… to bury the very existence of their history… and Realm from all of known existence.

Chapter - 1 | The Beginning Of Nine

When the Realm of Nine was established, Realm Nekris was granted the role of leadership known as the Sovereigns. Their role was mainly to be figureheads but they were also part of the Council of Elders who held the real power within The Realm. The Council was agreed upon by every Realm to have a more Democratic system in place. Each Realm held a seat within the Council of Elders and on each planet that Realm typically had their own council to determine policies they would like to see enacted within the Council of Elders. As you can imagine over time the lower Councils became corrupt and influenced in the worst ways from each society. Political turmoil turned into civil unrest between the Realms and underhanded political policies enacted to punish certain Realms were met with riots, military, and civil backlash. This spilled into the streets of each Realm and soon they rose against one another splintering the Realm of Nine. War broke out and over a decade Realms would align and realign with one another depending on the circumstances to achieve more power.

As the political turmoil ramped up, a familiar piece of weaponry was brought back into the fold with heavy development being pushed within each Realm. The Chronos that were used for thousands of years during the crusades and slowly decommissioned and forgot, were suddenly at the forefront of every Realms military ambitions. Technology quickly advanced within each Realm and what took a decade to manufacturer was quickly cut down to a year with advanced industrialization. Not only was the manufacturing time significantly reduced, but the types of weaponry designed had broadened significantly. New quick attachments were developed for battle designated as configurations, these were intended to quickly modify the Chronos for any situation on the battlefield. Within each Realm they specialized in different chassis types, weaponry, and configurations to aid in their conflicts vs one another.