Romulus Arnok
Realm Castra

Romulus Arnok has only known the Castra way. From early childhood, Romulus was ingrained in the military machine that is Realm Castra. His mother, Oxilius Arnok, was a decorated General and one of the most trusted advisors to the King and Queen before their untimely demise. Her rise through the ranks was unprecedented, and the ramifications of her success would have further-reaching consequences than she could ever have imagined. Her military duties and status meant that Romulus grew up with only one thing on his mind – living up to the family name.

There was no other path in his future than to be an officer and bring honor to his family. His mother would always remind him that he represented more than himself, and anything he did was a direct reflection of her. From his days as a youngling, Romulus attended only the most prestigious military academies in the Realm. Oxilius was rarely around, and when she was, it was only to discuss the progression of his training or to criticize him for his shortcomings. All Romulus ever wanted was his mother’s approval, but that never seemed to happen, no matter how well he performed. Fear of failure led to disappointment, which turned to resentment and a silent rage that would define Romulus throughout his military career.

During his military upbringing, Romulus was known for his stoic dedication to the Castra Way. He would selflessly take on more responsibilities and leadership roles in vain to try and earn Oxilius’ approval. Year after year, he pushed himself to the limits, gaining accolade upon accolade along the way. Still, it was never enough. Unfortunately, Romulus never had the chance to gain his mother’s blessing. On a fateful winter day, news spread of the General’s unexpected passing. The time of mourning lasted for weeks, and military processions were dedicated in her honor. Romulus played the grieving son part, and he thought her death would bring relief. But the unresolved pain and animosity would resurface at the most unlikely time. 

After coming of age and graduating at the top of his officer candidacy class, Romulus was selected to participate in Realm Castra’s elite fighting force – The Castra Chrono Corps (C3). Shortly after joining C3, Arnok was befriended and mentored by a Half-Ork Captain named Sinaro Lew. Lew was another rapidly ascending officer with a bright future who had a passion for the Chronos and leading others to be the best version of themselves. He was universally liked and admired not only for his expertise but his gentle spirit. Unfortunately, Romulus had never experienced this type of approval. If living in his late mother’s shadow as a General’s progeny wasn’t enough to make Romulus an outcast, his underlying rage associated with the constant comparison and his estranged relationship with her made things even more difficult. Though he never outwardly expressed his feelings, Arnok was known around the realm for his intensity. In spite of all this, Captain Lew saw the potential in the rising Commodore and took him under his wing. Little did he know, a series of events would change that relationship forever. 

In hopes of harnessing Arnok’s anger to fuel him past his mother’s legacy, Sinaro taught Romulus everything he knew. After years of mentorship, the apprentice became the master. Due to his strict military bearing and skills with the Chronos, Arnok surpassed Sinaro in rank and was directly promoted to Major. When the head of Research and Development for the Chrono Program retired, it was a foregone conclusion that Major Arnok would fill the position. He had the pedigree, drive, and skills to take C3 to new heights. In a shocking twist, The Council voted against Arnok’s recommendation for the position and selected the lower-ranked Captain Lew to run the program.

Disillusioned with The Council’s decision and his former mentor, Arnok vowed to take what was rightfully his. Fortunately for him, The Council had made other enemies. Using his military and political clout, Romulus created the Covert Castra Chrono Alliance (C3-A). He began using his vast wealth of knowledge and resources to develop his own Chrono in secrecy. His new mission was to gain his rightful place leading the C3, by any means necessary. 

Around this time, an unknown human female came onto the scene and quickly found favor with Captain Lew. Rumors quickly started to spread about the skill of his new protege in her Chrono. This new threat from the cosmos enraged Arnok to a point near insanity, and his mission to regain power intensified. He fervently recruited others to his cause and quickly amassed a paramilitary force that could rival any that opposed it. Being the great military strategist that he was, Romulus also outsourced his dirty work to spies and assassins. 

Always one step ahead, Arnok had contingencies in place in case his hired hands failed him. On the rare occasion they did, the retribution was swift and powerful. Such was the case for assassinating his former mentor. Before disposing of the ones responsible for this setback, he decided to complete the mission himself. Unfortunately, this meant playing the card he had kept closest to his vest – his Chrono. An informant within C3 unveiled the perfect opportunity to test his creation. As he reviewed the attack strategy with his ground troops, Romulus knew that success was imminent. It was a routine supply convoy that Captain Lew would use as the first official mission for his protege. Neither of them knew it would be his last.

The ground troops began their ambush to provide the initial distraction that would allow Arnok to make his entrance. Because of his connections in C3, Arnok heard the battle unfold over C3’s official channels in his earpiece before entering the fray. As expected, Sinaro and his trainee were stunned to see another Chrono and were losing focus. The element of surprise worked as planned, and Arnok was certain this would be his day of fulfillment. He focused his primary assault on Lew, and the trainee attempted a predictable flanking maneuver. But Romulus was ready, and when she attempted the kill shot, Arnok grabbed Lew’s Chrono and thrust it into the path of her plasma blade. As his primary target was eliminated, he cleaved his axe into the other Chrono’s chest and tossed both of them aside with the crushing impact of his shield. 

As Arnok left the carnage that he had laid, the only sound in his earpiece was the unnamed trainee’s cries for her mentor. In his hubris, Arnok assumed he had left her for dead, and his sources inside C3 informed him that she mysteriously disappeared on that fateful day. Luckily, no one else survived to tell the tale, and Arnok finally got the promotion he deserved. 

No longer needing the veil of secrecy, Arnok used his Chrono from C3-A as the prototype for a new era of defense in Realm Castra. But one thing kept him awake at night – what happened to Lew’s protege? Was she part of the original plot that failed? 

Regardless, he knew his next target – anyone who opposed him and those who had failed him.