Allura Nekris
Realm Nekris

From her earliest memories of walking and talking, the most vivid memories were those of darkness. Not the kind of darkness a typical being has experienced, but that of utter horror and desolation.  Trained from the time she was a toddler Allura was born and raised to be not only a princess, but an assassin first.

As a child she quickly became a master of her craft utilizing all the tools she had been taught for years.  She infiltrated Realms and disposed of high price targets for whatever entity was paying Realm Nekris to do so at a level that was unheard of.  Of course, her identity was never known, all the clientele knew was that Realm Nekris’ success rate within just a few years had risen drastically.

 At the age of 7 one of her most notorious missions took place. An unknown client had issued a bounty for a target within Realm Castra. All that was given was a description and a location of the target, but the most suspicious part was the number of fragments issued as a deposit. Over triple the previous record made the council within the program nervous. While they were indeed assassins, they also were held to a code of ethics and stood on their honor within the program. Against their better judgment they voted seven to five in favor of accepting the contract, but the harder part was determining who would bare the responsibility of the mission.

On her pathway to Realm Castra, Allura was in awe among the stars and the galaxy. She heard the stories about the star-path to Castra but the words were without meaning in the presence of the moment. Still a child full of wonder and fleeting moments of joy before the imminent horror to come. Her identity well concealed, she stepped into the ominous light of the star-port and began her journey that would change her for the rest of her life.

Moving in and amongst the people of Castra she began gathering intel on the target to the best of her ability. The information was slim about a mid-aged male Half-Ork with sandy skin tones and black hair. He was known to frequent a known establishment for Orks and Half-Orks. Allura devised a way to infiltrate the building as a part of the cleaning crew. Working for weeks turned into months gathering intel to reveal her target. She was shocked when his identity was unraveled.

This Half-Ork was an up-and-coming officer within Castra’s military ranks. Sinaro Lew was his name and he was the first pilot of Castras newly found Chrono program. Allura had only heard whispers of the Chronos from those within the program. Realm Nekris had been developing their own Chrono program although this was unknown to Allura at the time. Sinaro found the wide-eyed cleaning girl whimsical. He would notice her staring in awe at his stories from afar when she should be working.

In time Allura befriended Sinaro and his magnificent stories turned into mentorship. That mentorship opened her path into the Chrono program within an enemy Realm.  Allura quickly mastered piloting the machines and trained daily with Sinaro, learning everything she could about the Chronos. They left on their first official sortie, protecting a caravan of supplies heading to a military outpost. After almost a year together this would be their first sortie together.

While traveling through a forest an unknown enemy begin an all-out assault from the trees. Rockets were flying and bullets raining down from above, amidst the chaos Sinaro and Allura did their best to aid their ground troops and the caravan. Suddenly a familiar sound came from a distance, growing louder by the second. It was a Chrono, but not one either had seen. How could that be possible? How could an enemy within Realm Castra also be piloting their own machine?

They were caught on their heels in the midst of battle and Allura was beginning to panic.  She wasn’t ready for this; she had no expectation of being in a live fight with another Chrono. Sinaro was trying his best to keep her focused and in control while working together to take it down. Allura began her assault from the side as Sinaro clashed with the enemy, she had the kill shot lined up and made her move. As she thrust her plasma blade, suddenly the enemy Chrono pulled Sinaro into her path. There was no time to react, in an instant her blade pierced through the head of Sinaros Chrono. There was no sound in her comms as she cried out for Sinaro to respond. Within seconds the enemy cleaved its axe into her Chronos chest and tossed both of them aside with the crushing impact of its shield. Allura laid in shock at what had happened as her Chrono flashed warnings on her heads-up display of catastrophic damage.

What a cruel twist of fate, prey turned mentor. With the constant reminder in the back of her mind that she was there to complete a mission. But she wanted to learn more, she wanted to become a true pilot. Sinaro was her best shot at leaving a life as an assassin, a life of torment and constant guilt.  Yet there she was, broken and alone within the man who became her only true friend. She was brought back to reality with alerts sounding off all around her alerting her of catastrophic failure.

Her armor broken and blood running down the side of her face she crawled out of the twisted mess of metal on the forest floor. The fighting followed the caravan as they attempted to hasten their escape from the enemy. The Chrono was gone, likely assuming both pilots were dead or simply following their mission to acquire materials in the caravan. Allura decided her best course of action was to get out of Realm Castra as quickly and quietly as possible.  She managed to commandeer a working vehicle and made her way to the outskirts of a nearby town.

Instinctively falling back into her years of training, she once again disguised her appearance and made her way back to the very star-port she arrived at over a year prior. She made her way back to Realm Nekris where she was debriefed by the council and gave them the story they wanted to hear, they alerted the client and confirmed that the target was indeed deceased. Allura was welcomed back and elevated to a leadership role within the program but made one request. She wanted to lead the Chrono program for Realm Nekris or she would be leaving the Realm altogether. Maybe she was more of a Princess than she had let on all those years.

Her mission was, complete.