The Nine Realms are no more.
War has overtaken the Barzenios System after the mysterious death of the Monarchs.
The Nine Realms battle for superiority using their mechanized war machines know as Chronos, their arena could be anywhere at anytime.
Choose your Realm.
Choose your Pilot.
Upgrade your Chrono from your deck.
Defeat your enemy.
Will you revel in the joy of victory or suffer the agony of defeat?

About the film

chrono core

What is Chrono core?

Chrono Core Trading Card Game is a mech based trading card game where the mechs are called Chronos. 

In Chrono Core you’ll pick your pilot and core, then build your deck around a chassis type with configuration, equipment,

support, and weapon cards.

Enter the Arena and destroy your opponents Chrono to claim victory for your Realm! 

Chrono Core is a 2 player game, lasting about 25-30 minutes & is suitable for ages 8+.